In short

  • - Aspiring software/web developer
  • - Passion for software starting from teenage years
  • - Creative, great at problem solving, exceptional time managing skills
  • - Maths and aerospace engineering background
  • - Based in the UK, willing to relocate
  • - Great at working within a team and also on my own initiative

Technical Experience

  • - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Java, Python.
  • - Git and version control.
  • - Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows Operating Systems.
  • - Experience in working in agile (kaban) environment.
  • - Advanced MS Office skills.

Key strengths

  • - Fast learner – As very curious and self-motivated person my ideal job is to be forever a student and I believe that’s what programmers do as new fascinating technologies and languages advancements appear quickly. My constant need to be stimulated mentally means that I absorb new information very rapidly. My enthusiasm for programming has driven me to learn HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Python and Java in search of my favourite field in tech (and I find all of them fascinating!). Since I am a fast learner, I got comfortable with Linux (Ubuntu), Git and version control in a short amount of time. My current learning progress can be found on my Free Code Camp profile
  • - Team player – At my current workplace teamwork is crucial for a restaurant to run smoothly as it is a very fast-paced environment. I have been praised many times by my managers in my ability to work within a team as well as my willingness to help others. I take great enjoyment from teamwork as it gives me a sense of togetherness and fulfilment, so I am always trying my best to go an extra mile. Regardless of it, I am also great at working individually and taking charge of a team when I am the most senior member.
  • - Problem-solving skills – As my first freelance programming job for Sector Alpha, I had a request of making a website for server hosting. My customer wasn’t sure what content they would like on their website or didn’t have any design ideas. Due to this I have made extensive research and presented a few designs ideas which I found suitable for my client. The request ranged in a variety of problems that I had to find solutions for; starting from designing a website with no instructions, minor scripting challenges and learning bootstrap for better responsiveness of the website. I wouldn’t have done it all without my attention to detail skill.
  • - Very ambitious with strong work ethics – I always strive to improve myself hence I have taken on 100 days of coding challenge where I plan to code every day for the next 100 days. I try my best to complete this challenge despite having to balance my time between my work and family commitments. My github.
  • - Mathematics – Fascination in mathematics and numbers have accompanied me since childhood and followed throughout my life where I have excelled in college. I have taught mathematics to some university students and my peers. I enjoy implementing maths into software I make.
  • Other key skills:

    • - Exceptional organizing and time management skills- Time management has become my hobby in form of bullet journal.
    • - Creative- I believe that I am exceptionally creative in my work
    • - Problem Solving- As part of my learning progress in Java, HTML, and CSS I have encountered few errors and bugs. I found it quite enjoyable for its alike solving exciting riddle. These were also good learning grounds to improve as I am a curious and proactive learner.


    • - University of Leeds - Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies
    • - Sheffield City College - Access to HE in Science in Maths, Physics and Chemistry- 42 Credits at Distinction
    • - Sheffield City College - Aviation Operations Level 3 and Cabin Crew Level 2 - Distinction
    • 5 GCSEs at grade A-C including Maths, English, ICT

    Hobbies and Interests

    • - Science - I am fascinated with science, be it astronomy, physics, maths, technology – I find all of them fascinating and I spend a portion of my free time educating myself on new discoveries and inventions.
    • Sport and exercising - One of my favourite sports is cycling. The joy of cycling is that you can see more than if you would drive and you can go further than just by walking. Once I have cycled from Sheffield to Leeds in one go (+60miles). My other favourite sports are ice skating and martial arts where I used to take part in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.
    • Painting, drawing and sketching - Programming is one of the ways I release my creativity, however, I also enjoy painting and drawing. Putting my imagination and emotions onto paper, making them physical.
    • Aviation - I love airplanes, flying and aerobatics. While I don't have a pilot license yet, I have managed to land an airplane in harsh weather conditions and that is something I am proud of.